Biography A.Piva


Alessandro Piva, born in Salerno in 1966, is a photographer, film editor, and screenwriter, having

explored the film business all-round. After studying Film Editing at the Centro Sperimentale di

Cinematografia, the National Film School, he won the Solinas Award for Best Screenplay in 1992 and 1993, and shot several documentary films in Italy, Africa, South America, South-East Asia, and the Middle-East. He directed two feature films, Lacapagira, presented at the Berlin Film Festival and winner of the 2000 David di Donatello; and Mio cognato, presented at the 2003 Locarno Film Festival. He is presently editing his new picture, Henry. He also worked in advertising.

Over the past years, he has constantly worked as a radio director for the One Act plays of Radio3 Rai. He has a consolidated experience in political and institutional communication, as proven by a recent video shot for the Library of the Senate of the Italian Republic, as well as several institutional spots, such as “Puglia perfetta” directed for Governor Nichi Vendola’s campaign at the 2005 regional elections in Apulia and winner of the Galà della Politica the same year. He is also committed to social campaigns for the progress and culture of Southern Italy, as the recent initiative “Perotti Point” dedicated to demolish the eco-monster Punta Perotti on the seafront of Bari, that brought together dozens of filmmakers from all around Italy to realize a collective documentary film on the event. He is also a professor and a member of the Academy of Italian Cinema.

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